Publisher of the Biblical Genealogy Chart
The Bible Family Tree, Adam & Eve to Jesus.

A Biblical Genealogy Chart, the Bible Family Tree, has been published by the Gildon Company.  The Gildon Co. has done this in its desire to assist the cause of learning regarding Biblical Genealogy.  Imagine, a graphic Biblical Family Tree, from ADAM and EVE to JESUS.  Over four thousand years - seventy five generations - over 1100 names - All of this in ONE GRAND PICTURE.

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This chart is not just assorted groups of names from the Bible but over eleven hundred names which are connected with each other by direct line from the information given in the Bible.  Only those names with directly connected lineage are given here, covering SEVENTY-FIVE GENERATIONS over a span of FOUR THOUSAND YEARS of Biblical Genealogy from ADAM & EVE to JESUS CHRIST.

The integrity and purity of the Bible have been maintained
throughout this Biblical Genealogy Chart.

Use this chart to examine the family tree of many of the Biblical people you have become familiar with.  Examine the lineage of Abraham, Kind David, Solomon, Moses, Noah, and many more.  Count the generations between the figures in Genesis and Jesus.  It is all there to study.

Reading and studying the Bible becomes an even more exciting and fascinating adventure than ever for young and old alike.  IMAGINE having the Biblical Family Tree available in the home, on parchment (18" X 24") suitable for framing, or as a wall chart (36" X 48").  Both versions make a very good educational tool.

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