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The Bible Family Tree, Adam & Eve to Jesus.

In 1975, after 18 years of research, Gil Levesque1, historian and author, and Don McCain, a friend and businessman, formed the Gildon Company.  With extreme care to maintain the integrity and purity of the Bible, a comprehensive family tree tracing every name mentioned in the Bible that could be tied in to Adam was produced.  Eleven hundred names covering seventy-five generations over a span of four thousand years are entered into this one grand genealogy picture.

These two fine gentlemen wanted to assist students of the Bible.  They were hoping that each reading would be more informative, exciting, and bring about a better understanding of one's studies.  Their work appeared in many Bible colleges, study groups, and homes, as well as being offered through Christian magazines and bookstores.  The Gildon Company was in effect until 1981.

Levesque and McCain have now passed away.  The families feel the research and work done should not be stored away, but shared with others interested in the study of the Bible and genealogy.  Their original work is still available in 18" X 24" size parchment charts or 36" X 48" wall charts, both being excellent educational tools. 

We hope that this chart will, in some small way, be of assistance to young and old, and make his or her reading of the Bible just that much more interesting and just a little bit more fun. 

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1 Gil Levesque nom-de-plume  Dominic Bishop

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